MULTI-224, How-To and Why Videos

Three-Way Switches. We have a Much Better Way. (Spoiler Alert: There is no third wire.) {6:11}

The MUTLI-224 switch is unlike any other. It can operate as a single switch to control a load. It can work with another MULTI-224 in a stairway situation (Often called a three-way set up for some archaic reason). Or it can work with a third or even a forth MULTI-224 all connected together with common 14/2 NMD90 wire. There is No third wire, sometimes referred to as a traveler. There is no special signal wire. There is no special programming or optioning required. The switches figure it out all on they own. See for yourself.

MULTI-224 Touchless Light Switch

Why Our Touchless Switch is the Best Switch EVER. {9.37}

This video delves into the wiring of your bathroom light switch and why it is hard to install other no touch light switches in that location.┬áThen there is a section that explains, in layman’s terms, how the Touchless Switch can work where other switches can’t. Finally, we develop the costs to run a germ-free touchless switch by DCR Innovations LTD.

Our version of a Gold Medal Winner and DCR Innovations logo combined

Back of the Napkin, Cost of Operation (Excerpt from Why Our Touchless Switch is the Best switch EVER) {3:07}

Touchless Light Switch, cost to operate

Complete installation and operation instructions for the MULTI-224 can be found here.