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Three-Way Switches. We have a Much Better Way. (Spoiler Alert: There is no third wire.) 

The MUTLI-224 switch is unlike any other. It can operate as a single switch to control a load. It can work with another MULTI-224 in a stairway situation (Often called a three-way set up for some archaic reason). Or it can work with a third or even a forth MULTI-224 all connected together with common 14/2 NMD90 wire. There is No third wire, sometimes referred to as a traveler. There is no special signal wire. There is no special programming or optioning required. The switches figure it out all on they own.

Why Our Touchless Switch is the Best Switch EVER

This video delves into the wiring of your bathroom light switch and why it is hard to install other no touch light switches in that location. Then there is a section that explains, in layman’s terms, how the Touchless Switch can work where other switches can’t. Finally, we develop the costs to run a germ-free touchless switch by DCR Innovations LTD.

Back of the Napkin, Cost of Operation (Excerpt from Why Our Touchless Switch is the Best switch EVER

Complete installation and operation instructions for the MULTI-224 (and the TIMER5030) can be found here.