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Germ Free, 2-Wire, Touchless, Simple Switch Replacements that are Sanitary and Need No Special Wiring

What is DCR Innovations About? How did we get here? Well, we asked -

Why isn’t there a device that  can sneak enough power past the light to operate its electronics without the light noticing and trying to come on?

So we set out to make one. There was nothing that said we couldn’t. No law of
physics was preventing it. So we set out to find the elusive,
“AH Hah! That’s why we can’t do it that way.”

The first unit we built operated very well with an incandescent bulb.
Then we tried it with a bathroom fan.
Turns out more work was required. 

After that we tried our design with florescent tubes.
More work was required.

Then we tried a Compact Florescent Light (CFL) and it worked quite well, at first.
Alas,  more work was required.

Now it was time to try LED bulbs. 
( Sigh ) 

Eventually, we were ready. Making it time to have UL test our Touchless Switch.
More work was required.

Finally, we had our Touchless Light Switch. It worked the way we wanted, fulfilled all
of UL’s requirements and at some point along the way was awarded patents in both the US and Canada. 

Our Touchless Light Switches work very well because we worked long and hard to make them so.