Meet the No-Touch Switch

A direct replacement for traditional light switches.
The most power-efficient light switch you’ll never flip.

It's time to switch to something new.

Touchless light switches have been on the market for a long time, but aren’t common because of their need for modified wiring in homes and office buildings. The No Touch, or NT Switch, has a simple two wire design that solves that problem and is a direct replacement for existing light switches.

A wire frame drawing showing an expanded view of a No Touch Switch installation

Wave, but don't touch.

The NT Switch operates via a close-proximity sensor, so you don’t have to touch it; this avoids transmission of germs and is a great addition for washrooms.

Multiple models, germ-free.


Bring your hand (or almost anything) to within one inch (2.5 cm) to turn on. Get close again to turn off or allow the preset timer to do it. 


Use with several other NT Switches to control a single light from several places, like the top and bottom of a stairway.

Low power, low cost.

When the NT Switch is on, it uses a tiny piece of the power consumed by the light or fixture it controls. When you turn the lights off, the NT Switch remains in an “active” state, consuming only 10 milliwatts, or less than 1/10th of a cent per month on your electric bill.

Outfit your home or office with NT Switches today!