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A black touchless switch mounted to a common switch faceplate

Touchless light switches have been on the market for a long time, but aren’t common because of their need for modified wiring in homes and office buildings. Our Touchless Switch, or TS, has a simple two wire design that solves that problem. It is a direct replacement for existing light switches and best of all it is germ free.

Come close, but don’t touch.

Our switches operate via a pseudo close-proximity sensor, so you don’t have to touch it; this avoids transmission of germs and is a great hands free addition for any washroom.

Multiple models, all germ-free.

Bring your hand (or almost anything) to within one inch (2.5 cm) of the Touchless Light Switch to toggle it on or off or allow the preset timer to turn it off. 

Use a TIMER5030 or a MULTI-224 as a single switch to control a single light (or bathroom fan, etc).

Use up to four MULTI-224’s to control a single load with the simplest of wiring.

Our touchless 2 wire switch works with all these loads in any combination.

Bathroom Fan
CFL Bulb
Incandescent Bulb
LED Bulb
AC to VDC Brick
Florescent Tube

Check out the in service examples.

Patents Awarded:

US    7,973,589

US    8,063,790

CAN 2,701,427

CAN 2,701,593

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