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Yes, Only Two Wires Are Needed For The Touchless Switch to Work

I have had several learned people state that, “a two wire electronic device in series with a load can not control that load.” They then go on to say, “It may be possible if the load characteristics are known ahead of time and the device is built to accommodate those characteristics. But if the load is unknown or is changed, a two wire electronic switch won’t be able to handle it.”


That’s the beauty of an electronic switch, especially one with a microcontroller. It can adjust very fast. 

So, what is a microcontroller? Todays computers have microprocessors that perform billions of instructions a second. A microcontroller does millions (with an “m”) of instructions a second, or less. So there is no way that the microcontroller we use in the Touchless Switch could be used for gaming or video processing. Not a chance. But it can look at the load it is controlling a thousand times a second and adjust accordingly. 

The other key aspect of the microcontroller we use is it requires very little power to operate. This is important because it is sharing power with the load. The load should not notice that the microcontroller in our touchless device is even there.

So the microcontroller we use can change its behaviour thousands of times a second and uses hardly any power. All that was left was to tell the microcontroller what to do and when. That was the hard part.

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