Touchless Light Switch, MULTI-224, Black

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A direct replacement for traditional light switches, the Touchless Light Switch – MULTI-224 allows contactless operation and an option to link with other MULTI-224 Touchless Light Switches to control a single load. (The top and bottom of a stairwell, for example.)

  • Works with a Bathroom Fan, Compact Florescent Lights, Florescent Tubes, LED lights, Incandescent bulbs, transformer power supplies, electronic power supplies in any combination to a maximum 400 watts total load.
  • Minimum load requirement,
    • 10 watts for a single switch
    • 15 watts for 2 switches
    • 20 watts for 3 switches
    • 25 watts for 4 switches controlling a single load
  • Direct replacement for existing switches – no additional wiring required. No third wire (sometimes called a traveler or neutral return)
  • 120 VAC, 2-wire connection
  • 3.3 Amps, 400 Watt maximum
  • Stand alone to group of four capable
  • Fits standard switch boxes

Instruction manual: English | French

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